Oh the Horror

I’m slightly dismayed.  Since moving back East I have put on a few pounds.  This is fine, since at one time last year I could have been (and was) classified as way too skinny, however, I no longer fit into my size 4 dress slacks.  Nor do I fit into any of the 10 pairs of shorts I purchased last year.  Nor do I fit into about 6 awesome dresses I bought last year.  I am not happy.

After prancing through the mall today to find a pair of shorts to wear this weekend, I quickly learned that the cut of ALL shorts in the juniors departments (including stores like Forever 21, American Eagle, Abercrombie & Hollister) do not fit my now rounded hips and ass.  Okay, fine.  So I went to the women’s department and what do I find?  Old lady shorts.  That’s right, you know what I’m talking about.  The Land’s End kind of twill shorts with the 10 inch inseam, with pleating at the front.  I am HOR-RO-FIED!   Mainly I’m just pissed that I spent good money on numerous shorts last summer that now do not fit.  This is totally a clothing issue!!

What do you mean I can’t fit my ass into those cute cut off jean shorts with the strategically placed rips in Hollister?  Why not the 2 1/2 inch inseam black sateen shorts with the belt in Nordstrom juniors department?  A bunny boot camp is in order but first I celebrated my clothing misery with this wonderful Cinnabun


Now I want to vomit.  And I’ve never been one to complain about the weight issue, but this is getting redicilous.

Yes, yes.  I am starting TODAY to control what I eat and a very tough exercise program will ensue.  Although, let’s also note that I have more exercise activity now with going to the gym everyday at lunch then I had last year!  I’m so annoyed.  Or maybe it’s just that all of a sudden after moving back East my body decided to be that of a 31 year old I am instead of the 22 year old one it had been hanging on to till like last month?  Below, you will find my inspiration:





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