Art Discussion

Upon moving into my new apartment this past March, there was a large poster hanging above the sofa that depicted what seemed to be every Marvel Comic character ever invented.  As soon as I moved in, I told the roommate that it had to go.  He laughed and told me it was a topic of discussion with visitors who always had a comment about it, but he did plan on removing it.  In an effort to get rid of it as soon as possible, I went through his art book and flagged several pieces of art which were going to be framed and hung in its place.  While doing this, I made sure to include works of art that were both feminine and masculine in nature, and works that would invoke discussion as well.  Since I am a big fan of contradiction and randomness, below are the works of art which were chosen, framed and now hang above the sofa.


{ Plum Blossoms, Green Background by Henri Matisse }

This work was chosen because the plum blossoms actually remind me of cherry blossoms and that has always reminded me of DC when I was not living here.  The freshness of Spring, the shades of pink and the way the cherry blossom trees around the tidal basin look like puffs of cotton candy on sticks.  So far, this one has had the most discussion among visitors.


{ Dancer on Stage by Edgar Degas }

I love all of the Dancer works that Degas did, there are quite a lot of them, dancers practicing, during a recital, lacing up toe shoes, I love them all.  Dancing is a passion of mine so maybe this was the main reason I chose this, or perhaps because this one, I believe, hung in my sister’s room when we were growing up.  The one that hung in my room growing up was Renoir’s “Girl with a Watering Can,” I think it should have been the other way around.


{ Dempsey and Firpo by George Bellows }

Clearly this is my attempt at adding some masculinity to the mix as a nod to the roommate.  I love watching boxing and think it is a very exciting sport, more so than say, baseball.  The action and movement in this work draws you in.


{ Lacrosse Playing Among the Sioux by Seth Eastman }

I’m not totally in love with this work, but it seems to balance well as I have placed it in the middle of the display, there is a group of people and they are playing a sport.  The roommate plays lacrosse and it is a very big deal here on the East Coast, so there you have it.


{ George Washington by Gilbert Stuart }

So many reason why this was chosen.  For one, he is a great great man, which goes without saying.  Second, it reminds me of DC as well, and I do so love the city!  Third, a similar work of George is hanging in the lobby of the Washington Suites hotel in DC and it reminds me of when my friends from Texas came to visit me a month after I moved back here.  Also, there is a large portrait of Nixon hanging in our bathroom which was left here by a previous roommate.  We keep it there because it is interesting, I mean, who in the world thinks to hang a picture of Nixon is beyond me.  George hangs in our living room to keep with the Presidential theme we seem to have going on.


{ Double Portrait with a Glass of Wine by Marc Chagall }

I love this piece because there seems to be so much going on, a woman dressed in white, could be a bride, has a man balancing on her shoulders who seems to be quite drunk as he waves his glass of pinot or merlot in the air.  It warrants a lot of discussion.




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