Sweet Memory

This week marks the 1 year anniversary to mine and my Bestie’s trip to Ibiza Spain.  The trip was an experience that will never be forgotten.  It was full of new discoveries, bitter sweet memories, spiritual sunrises, breathtaking sunsets, new friends, amazing music, hours of dancing, sleeping on the beach and the beginning of saying goodbye to an old life (maybe more on that in a much later post).  I love her so much for being able to go with me and hopefully, one day, we will be able to make it back and introduce our favorite island to our friends.  

pizza cafe    

She lets me pick all the restaurants, this pizza with fresh seafood toppings was indescribable.  Simply … delish!


First night out on the island … Lord only knows what kind of hijinx we have ahead of us!


Just two of the 6 amazing shows we experienced that week.  Highlights?  Steve Angello on the DJ booth, Micah the violinist @ Robbie Rivera, Dancing in the DJ booth with Dirty South @ Amnesia, 20 intense minutes of Carl Cox, and hours of dancing.


Sunrise:  cleansing to the soul.

RedBull Cola

Why is it, that Europe always gets everything before we do?  The good stores (H&M and Top Shop), the good DJs (the Swedes) and RED BULL COLA!!  It has launched in the US, but I still have yet to find it in the Baltimore area.  Waiting … waiting.


cafe mambe



One response to “Sweet Memory

  1. and she loooooves YOU!
    Completely indescribable what was experieced on the trip. Most of all, from that early morning on the beach. Saying goodbye, never felt so holistic as it did during that early sunrise.

    20 mins of Cox … LOL!

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