Greetings, Perfect Bike for My Perfect Little Neighborhood

I found the most wonderful blog that has the most wonderful contest! Look what I found!!  Bike giveaway-3

I used to have a pink cruiser bike, complete with a white basket.  I used to ride it through my old neighborhood in New Mexico to the condo community I sold.  Oh how I loved my little Barbie bike.  I had to give it up when I moved back East, and I passed it, as well as my late husband’s bike, to my Bestie and her Boyfriend.  They now enjoy riding off into the Amarillo sunset, and I live vicariously through them.

Oh how I would love this darling cruiser to bike around my new super cute neighborhood!  I can picture myself riding through the tree lined streets, down to the Italian cafe for some gelato, or picking up some carry out for lunch on a Sunday afternoon.  I think that one day, fate will bring me and a treasured pink cruiser together again.

P.S.  Please check out Brandy’s blog, The Lovely List.  If you love reading blogs as much as I do, her site is perfect for you because she showcases various blogs around the world wide web that are LOVELY and interesting.


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