Maryland Weekend

Have I mentioned how much I am loving living back on the East Coast again?  Well, I am.  This weekend, the Roommate’s Friend from the Beach (I need a new name for him…) came up Friday to stay the weekend.  He brought with him about 6 dozen live Maryland Blue Crabs for us to enjoy!  We steamed them, threw some Old Bay for seasoning, sat down with a bottle of wine and some great Classical music on the stereo and devoured about two and a half dozen.  The Roommate came home later in the night with some friends and they finished off the rest.   I can’t believe it was the first time this summer I enjoyed the Maryland summer staple.  


The rest of the weekend was nothing short of fantastic.  Sunday, The Cutie (this will be his new name, for now) and I went on a picnic at Patapsco State Park.  I was having so much fun, I forgot to take pictures of the wonderful Mediterranean themed picnic I threw together!  But here are some pictures of the park from Google Images.  It’s so gorgeous, our picnic spot just lush green trees for as far as your eye could see.  I can’t wait to go back in a month when the leaves are all turned color for Fall.

Patapsco overlook

patapsco bridge

patapsco waterfall


One response to “Maryland Weekend

  1. The Cutie? what about Cupcake? OrganicCake? Applepie? something delicious but gooood for you.
    Some special moments, shouldn’t be captured on camera.

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