Wednesday Wishes

Dear Wednesday:

I wish that every morning would be as lovely as today, post rain dampness, warm but with a slight fall chill, sun slowly peeking out from the clouds.

I wish I had a coffee mug warmer  for my desk so my giant mug wouldn’t get cold before I was finished drinking, it’s only been 20 minutes

I wish I was wearing this amazing Chanel outfit today { via }

chanel leather_cuffs

I wish to make it through the entire Bikram Yoga class today without passing out from heat and exhaustion

I wish that I didn’t wish that a silly boy would text or call me

Finally, I wish my good friend and amazing trumpet player, Rico DeLargo, the best of Birthdays this fine day.  I hope I get to see you over your visit to see your family.  Best wishes to you friend.



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