French Genius

I really, really want to go to France.  And when I go, I’m going to get one of each of these.  Shoes, one of each of these shoes … ok and the lace kitty ears too.  Really French Revue de Mode?  Frankly, this is just genius.  What better way to sell accessories then with nothing BUT the accessories?  Yes please!  Sorry kids, I just couldn’t help myself, this is just way too sexy to not share.

french revue

{ via  because they are awesome }


5 responses to “French Genius

  1. yeah go to france you’ll love it i am french and will never stop loveing it haha.
    i love that photo where did you get it?

  2. This picture confuses me.
    Everyone can see how this picture seems out of place compared to the rest of the photo shoot. Women feel empowered, sexy, and proud when they put on a pair of well crafted heels. I am sure the price tag and exclusiveness of the pair aids in the confidence boost as well.
    Yet the two girls here don’t seem to clearly portray that message. Or do they?
    For starters, they’re both sitting down with their banks hunched over. Certainly not the most powerful pose.
    The blonde looks calm and collected, but the cigarette in her mouth looks like it’s about to fall off her lips. It looks a bit sloppy.
    As for the brunette. I am sure most women will appreciate her “bitchy” expression as if to say, “Hey Guy, you’re not worth my time.” Yet, it’s her that looks insecure with her arms around her chest as if her only source of confidence stems from her heels.
    I am sure if any woman looked through this photoshoot and picked out how they would want to look in a pair of heels, it wouldn’t be this pic.
    For me, this pic goes to show, that it doesn’t matter what you wear, if you don’t own it with confidence and class, it won’t look good.

    • Dear Mr. Cake Eater,

      The blonde: Just doesn’t give a fuck. Her shoes give her power.

      The brunette: You are correct, the shoes are the only thing giving her a bit of confidence. The kitty ears, oh so playful, and a major contradiction to the expression on her face.

      = art.

  3. The Brunette obviously has to cover the goods, so in this pictorial her pose makes her look uneasy. If you look at her eyes, her stare is on the fence and her pose illustrates the very essence of a feline. Hence the kitty ears.

    Blonde just oozing with confidence. A blend of sophistication with touch of rebel in her. Madonna meets Kate Moss

    Love it.

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