Gentlemanly Ways


Something happened to me this weekend that was rather curious.  I went on a date, the guy picks me up and opens the car door for me.  This is rare, but not unusual and I always think it’s nice.  However, once the car was parked and I was reaching for the door handle to get out he says, “stay here, I’ll get the door.”  I didn’t really understand what he meant at first and he quickly got out and came around to the side of the car to open the door for me… I was pretty blown away.  Honestly, I don’t think that has EVER happened to me.  Such a simple, gentlemanly gesture that gave me such a feeling of being cared for, respected, and appreciated.  It is truly a lost art these days when old fashioned roles and dating protocol seem to have been washed away completely.

Dear Boys, open doors for your ladies, it goes a long way….

Image via google images


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