All Hail Tom Ford


I must have done something very very good recently because my all time favorite Fashion God is making a return to designing for WOMEN!

Let’s go back to the days when Tom Ford was designing for Gucci, his collections were, in a word, amazing.  I fondly remember a pair of lace pants that were a part of one of his last collections for Gucci, I wanted them so bad that I tore out a picture of them and carried it in my wallet.  Of course, I would never be able to afford the $3,000 lace art piece, however I had the pleasure of touching them once.  My aunt took me to the Gucci store on Rodeo Drive, (this is circa 1996 btw) and as I was drooling over all the beautiful creations, I asked the sales assistant if they had the lace pants and sure enough, someone had special ordered them, but hadn’t picked them up!!  He brought them out and I think my heart skipped a few beats.  Since then, I have been eagerly awaiting Mr. Ford’s return to designing for Women.  He is by far the epitome of style, class, everything that is beautiful and I think he is probably one of the sexiest men alive.


{via google images via }

I can’t find the lace pants, however, this is a lace dress from the same Spring 1996 collection, so, imagine this dress in purple as pants  = pure magic!


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