Thrift It

It’s a good thing I have a love for vintage (70’s, 80’s 90’s) because since I have minimal funds for new clothes, I always seem to find the most amazing pieces in vintage thrift and second hand shops.  If you are going to go thrifting, I suggest you study the latest trends and go with an open mind and a lot of patience.  Keep your current wardrobe in consideration and when you spot something, imagine how you will work it into your wardrobe.  Friday, I went to a thrift store and found THE MOST amazing faux fur coat ($30), two blazers ($12 each) and a blouse ($5) for work.  The blouse, pictured below, has shoulder pads and I bought it specifically to get that “power shoulder” which seems to be a hot trend as of late.  The sequin jacket was a vintage find from a few months ago.  I love it so much!  I bought it oversized so it would have a slouchy look and it’s probably from some Grannies sequin holiday outfit circa 1987.  I really see no reason in spending over $200 on such a trendy item when I can skillfully search a second hand shop and find this one for ….. wait for it …… um ….$10.00!!  Also below is one of my favorite rings I discovered a few months ago as well.  It’s a 24k gold butterfly with cubic zirconia stones ($40).  






2 responses to “Thrift It

  1. I LOVE all of them…you are lucky I don’t live close by, because I wouldn’t borrow these – I would steal ALL OF THEM. Good eye darling…good eye….

  2. Smart smart smart buys lady! I would wear that zebra print blouse everywhere, with everything!
    Can’t believe you found that butterfly ring. Nice

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