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The ONLY thing that gets me through the cold weather (which I despise) is the fact that I get to wear awesome tights.   I love love tights!  Especially crazy printed ones like these!  I need to expand my collection pronto.  I also need to get the balls up to wear colored tights like these, so far I’m just doing black.

I also am OBSESSED with Gossip Girl, which I was oddly enough turned on to by a boy!!  Crazy I know, but what I thought was even crazier was that I had not embraced the show from the start when it came on.  If I had taken just one hour of my life to watch one episode I would have been immediately hooked from the beginning.  The clothes, the New York setting, the bars, the Upper East Side, the private school hierarchy, CHUCK BASS, oh and did I mention the wardrobe?  Ahhhh-MAZING!  Love.

{photo: JustJared via Stardust & Sequins }


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